Druzy Carnelian Heart Crystal


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Embrace the captivating beauty of the Natural Druzy Carnelian Heart Crystal. This exquisite crystal showcases the harmonious fusion of the vibrant carnelian stone and the mesmerizing allure of druzy formations.

With its warm and fiery hues, carnelian is known for its energizing and grounding properties. It ignites passion, creativity, and motivation, infusing your spirit with vitality and courage. The smooth, polished heart shape symbolizes love and compassion, radiating a gentle and nurturing energy that opens your heart to both giving and receiving.

Enhancing the charm of this crystal is the delicate druzy formation that sparkles like tiny glittering crystals. Druzy adds a touch of magic and celestial energy to the carnelian heart, captivating the senses and inspiring wonder. Each piece is unique, showcasing the intricate and dazzling beauty of nature.

Hold this Natural Druzy Carnelian Heart Crystal in your hands or place it on your sacred altar to infuse your space with its powerful energies. Allow its vibrant energies to awaken your inner fire, ignite your passions, and remind you of the boundless possibilities that reside within your heart.

Please note that due to the natural variations in the stones and druzy formations, each crystal will be one-of-a-kind, making your piece truly special and unique. Embrace the enchantment and beauty of this extraordinary crystal as it becomes a cherished companion on your mystical journey.

Price is per piece, each piece is approximately 2″ to 2.4″ and approximately 45 grams each.


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