Oracle Of the Witch Deck


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Oracle of the Witch
Oracle Deck
(44 Full-Color Cards and 144-Page Book)
Oracle of the Witch has been created to
empower all those who wish to explore
the ancient path of the Craft. It is
packed with wisdom and guidance, and
it can also be used as a teaching tool for
both seasoned practitioners or new
witches. Each of the 44 cards has a
magickal message and witch tips, and
both a shadow and light side card
meanings. A magickal incantation is
supplied for each card to enable you to
draw from, and connect with, the
ancient wisdom of yesteryear. The
accompanying 144-page guidebook
shows demonstrates how to harness the
power of this deck to magically forge
together the mystical forces of nature
with ancient wisdom, magick and ritual

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